Do You Want to Control What is Downloaded?

Blocking File Downloads and Computer Access

Today's parental control software comes with many varying types of features. One of those is the ability to block and prevent software and file downloads, and restrict access to parts of your computer.

Software and file blocking can include everything from illegal movies, music, and software.

Parents are legally responsible for what their children download on their computer.

The music industry aggressively pursues people who download copyrighted music, which can be downloaded through peer to peer file sharing applications such as LimeWire, Shareaza, Kazaa, and iMesh.

Torrent File Sharing

Another means of downloading files is through torrents, also known as bittorrents. Torrents specialize in sharing larger sized files such as whole music albums, movies, including movies still in the movie theater recorded by camcorders, television shows, and books. Basically, a torrent file tells a program where the file is posted on the Internet.

Searching for torrents and P2P sharing technology is legal, that many of the files that you will come across on the Web are copyrighted. Copyright laws in the United States and other countries, except for Canada, puts these torrent files, and downloading these torrent files at risk for legal action, including lawsuits.

To download torrent files, your children need to install a torrent client, which is a software program that shares a part of your computer with other people all over the world. While your child may be downloading a movie, thousands of other people will be uploading files from your computer.

Popular torrent programs include uTorrent, BitLet, Transmission, Azureus, and TorrentFlux.

Prevent Virus Attacks

Many of the files your children can download will contain viruses, worms, and other files that can potentially harm your computer. Hackers are known to use this type of technology to secretly install programs that can lead to identity theft and credit card theft.

Block Computer Access

This parental control feature can also prevent access to software and sections of your computer. For example, programs you use for work can be blocked so your children don't access them. Some applications will allow you to prevent access to certain parts of your computer, such as backup drives.

Parental control software is all about staying informed so you can make appropriate decisions as situations arise. Your child may learn about downloading movies from a friend at school and not think twice about the possibly of getting caught. With downloading blocks in place, you can potentially protect yourself from damaged computers, virus exposure, and repercussions from violations of copyright laws.