Refog Time Sheriff

Control How Long They Can Use Your PC

Parental Control Feature Summary

  • Time Limit Controls: Yes
  • Internet Blocking: No
  • Web Filtering: Yes
  • Chat Monitoring: No
  • Activity Reports: Yes
  • Email Alerts: No
  • Remote Access: No
  • Download Blocking: No
  • Predator Alerts: No
  • Keystroke Logging: No, $39.95
  • 100% Guarantee: extra
  • Trial Download: No
  • Price: $29.95 1 License ($49.95 3 Licenses)

Time Sheriff Parental Control Software Review

Time Sheriff is primarily a time controlling software that enables parents to limit and control their children’s computer and internet usage. It has features that other parental control software does not normally have such as the capability to control Microsoft Window applications like Window’s Live Messenger. It can also schedule computer break times such as 5 to 10 min break every after 1 hour of computer usage.

More of these enhanced features are:

  • It has the capability to control how much time your children can spend using the computer.
  • It can control what programs your children can use and for how long.
  • It can enforce break times of 5 to 15 min in between computer or surfing activities.
  • It can filter what your children can access in the internet.
  • Has the capability to limit or manage individual or group applications.
  • It works in stealth mode and is highly protected by master passwords that only parents can alter or access.
  • It can be installed in multiple computers and still can control all PCs.
  • Its reports are easy to read and are detailed as to who used the computer, when was it used, what applications were used, and for how long were the computer usages.

Time Sheriff is computer limiting software that can impose computer and internet self-discipline to your children. Parents have the sole authority to schedule what time and for how long their children can use the computer. For example during weekdays your children can only use the computer from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM and on weekends they can use it the whole day or depending on the parent’s preference. It can also schedule break times of 5 to 30 min which can be intended for snack, lunch or dinner time.

Time Sheriff can not only limit your children’s usage but can also set time limit to any computer application. If in case your child is a computer game addict and you do not want to over spoil him from using and enjoying the game. You can allot him/her to use that computer game for about an hour or two, and then the system can automatically shot off the program once the time is up. This way it can give a win-win agreement between you and your children where they can still enjoy play time but needs to allot more time after to their other academic activities after playtime.

Time Sheriff can also monitor and control time usage of either one particular computer user or group of users. This is essential if you have more than one children and each of them has their own personal computers. All you have to do is to add each child’s profile to the group management control tab feature and apply group or individual policies and time restrictions.

The software has an easy to read report that can show who used the computer, what computer programs they have used, when did they used it and for how long certain applications were used. All these information are collected and into their log files. Therefore, you would know the percentage of each computer programs that your children are hooked into.

Time Sheriff works in absolute stealth mode which would be difficult for your children to detect. It is fully supported by any window operating system and is also invisible to any anti-virus software. It is easy to set up and easy to maintain.

The software can not only limit and enforce computer usage but has the capability too to filter what your children surfs and visits in the internet. Though this is helpful, it still lacks advance features of monitoring social networking activities and instant messaging programs. Further enhancement of the software can also feature web blocking capabilities, remote access and predator watch. But until then, Time Sheriff is still suitable for parents that would want to manage and control their children’s computer usage.