Do You Need Parental Control Activity Reporting?

What is a Parental Control Software Report?

Some parental control software applications offer parents the value of generating reports of their children's online activity. These reports can also include the ability to show what software applications are being run, files that are being downloaded, but the most popular reason for parental control reporting is to see a list of URL's their children have been visiting.

Here is a list of what parental control reports reports can tell you:

  • List of websites visited.
  • The amount of time spent on a website.
  • The amount of time spend on the computer.
  • The time of the day the computer was used
  • A list of any downloaded software or freeware that might increase your exposure to virus problems.
  • Any graphics that may have been downloaded or copied.
  • Illegally or copyrighted movie files, music files, or software applications. Parents are now legally responsible for what their children download.
  • Peer to peer and file sharing services and websites.
  • The amount of time a child spends on homework vs. the amount of time a child spends chatting with friends or any other entertainment purpose. See Set Computer Time Limits for more information.
  • Any software updates that were done.
  • Any browser add-ons that may not have you approval.
  • A list of any new, email addresses that may have been created without your knowledge.
  • Website login locations.

Many parents might find it to be an eye-opening experience to discover how their children are using the computer. Parental control software reporting is a significant step in helping you manage your kids computer activity.

Most applications will allow you generate reports directly from the software. Some programs can be setup to send you email alerts when security guidelines you set have been breeched. These alerts can be quite handy when your children are using the computer while you are at work.