Optional Features of Parental Control Software

What to Look For in Parental Controls

Today's parental controls range from very sophisticated, to highly targeted options. Some programs require more of your time monitoring your child's Internet activity, and some have more of a "set it and forget it" type of operating style.

Which is the best application for you, and your family's needs? Let's start with the types of features associated with most of these applications. Each link will click a new web page that explains each feature in more detail:

Computer Time Limits - This feature allows you to create daily and weekly time limits your children can use the use the computer. This is the perfect application for obsessive computer use, sneaking on to the computer late at night, or when using the computer for play has surpassed homework.

Internet Blocking - This feature allows you block Internet websites that have inappropriate content, such as adult, gambling, and firearm websites.

Web Filtering - This feature is very similar to Web Blocking, but some approved websites can have inappropriate content in the form of ads and artwork.

Chat Monitoring - If your kids have Facebook accounts, they have the ability to chat through the computer on any subject without your knowledge. Chat monitoring isn't spying as much as it is looking for specific keywords that you would want to know your children are using.

Keystroke Logging - This feature basically records every letter of every word that is typed on the computer.

Parental Control Reports - Parents have the ability to create or have sent to them reports of your child's Internet activity, such as websites they visited over a period of time.

Email Alerts - Suppose your five year old daughter is on the computer and happens to type your home address and phone number. With email alerts, you can be automatically notified of this activity.

Remote Access - Imagine your child is home sick from school, but her computer time is not scheduled to begin until later in the afternoon. Remote access allows you make changes from work.

Block Computer Downloads - This option lets you control what your children are allowed to download to their computer. Examples could be illegally copyrighted music, files, and software.

Predator Alerts - The industry refers to "predators" as registered sexual offenders. This feature will show you how many live in your neighborhood now, and you can be notified via email when a new one moves in.

Summary of Program Features

For your convenience, we have taken the list above and posted if a particular version of software you are interested in has all of the features you want. You will find this feature list at the top of every parental control software review.

Pricing will vary by manufacturer, but there are some exceptional values if you do a little research, but nothing is more important than having all the right features for you (to setup and maintain) and your family's safe Internet experience.

While all of these programs are better than nothing, they still do not replace the need of teaching our kids the value of the Internet, how to be safe online, and most importantly, that nothing on the Internet is ever private.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find our work here helpful in assisting you make the right choice for your family.

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