Do You Want to be Able to Block Websites?

How to Block a Website

One of the simplest and most routine parental control software feature is the ability to expose children, especially younger children, to adult, and inappropriate websites. The easiest way to do this is with website blocking software. Just as the name implies, in most cases a web page blocker comes preloaded with a list of blocked websites. And you always customize the list by adding your own list of Internet sites you want to have blocked.

Businesses also find this service useful as a means of improving employee efficiency. If you work for a large company or a government agency, you probably already know your Internet usage is limited to industry and work related domains. Some businesses installing tracking software as a means of determining if the website you visited is appropriate for business usage.

Blocking software normally can block websites dealing with weapons, violence, gambling, gangs, drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, hate sites, and even date sites, a new popular trend of young female teens influenced by free, online dating profile advertisements. Website blockers have extensive databases and normally provide updates on a regular basis.

Block Internet Access Pages

One of the things parents often overlook when it comes to website blocking, is to remember to block the access pages. For Example, suppose you want to block one of your kids from accessing Facebook. You might block the URL and think you have restricted access to this website.

The URL to log into a Facebook account is, which is a different URL. Most of the software applications know to include login pages when they block Internet sites, so this more of a tip for when you want to add a website to your blocked sites list.

Those wondering, "How do I block and unblock Internet sites?" should know that some anti-virus applications can also be utilized to control the access to certain websites. Many of the anti-virus programs can be easily set to prevent access to certain online domains.

Web Filtering vs. Blocking Websites

Web filtering is slightly different than an Internet URL block in that a web filter can block content on an approved web page. Content filtering is the ability to block websites that you feel may contain offensive material such as images of sex, violence or strong language or hate speech.

Internet filtering programs keep track of, and checks the content of every web page a child browses. There is no effective filtering on the Internet itself, so people have to use content filtering software to mange this themselves.

Blocking Websites with Your Internet Browsers

Although parental control software specializing in URL blocking is probably the best way to go, web browsers also offer Internet blocking add-ons to their browser applications. In most cases, you will have to enter all the websites you wish to have blocked manually. Consult your browsers home page for more information on Internet security within your browser.