Manage Your Parental Control Settings from Work

Parental Controls with Remote Access Capabilities

Many parents have found the best parental control software for them, isn't necessarily the one with the most features, but the one that is easy to install and easy to manage. Some features, such as keystroke logging, can require a significant amount of a parents time reading everything their children type into a computer.

Chat monitoring with automatic email alerts can accomplish much of the same task, without the burden of time a parent may have to spend reading every keystroke.

Over time, parents often fail to achieve the goal they wished to establish in the first place, because the parental control software is too hard to maintain.

Remote access is one of the parental control features that does support convenience of use. Depending on the feature, a parent can login from work, or any remote access point, and make changes to the software without having to be home.

Suppose you are using computer time limits to monitor the amount of time your children spend on the computer, and one of your children needs additional time to finish a report for school.

With remote access software, or remote computer access, you can login from work and override the current settings and your child can finish their school assignment.

Single Use Passwords

KidsWatch Parental Controls, for example, provides another feature to accomplish the same task as remote desktop access for the same situation. It allows you to have preset, single usage passwords, which you can give your child over the phone.

Once entered, the password overrides the preset time limits and allows your child to finish their homework assignment.

As your children grow up, their Internet web usage tends to change. This is a great feature to have when you have older kids with busy schedules, and you are just as busy keeping up with them.

In most cases, once you go through a period of experience, you will find a comfort level for all of the settings you will need to protect and manage your children's Internet experience. Remote access is a nice parental control you may never have to use, but it is a handy feature to have, especially if it is available at no additional cost.