Silent Logger Plus

Automatically Record Everything They Do On The Computer

Parental Control Feature Summary

  • Time Limit Controls: No
  • Internet Blocking: No
  • Web Filtering: Yes
  • Chat Monitoring: Yes
  • Activity Reports: Yes
  • Email Alerts: Yes
  • Remote Access: Yes
  • Download Blocking: No
  • Predator Alerts: No
  • Keystroke Logginng: Yes
  • 100% Guarantee: No
  • Trial Download: No
  • Price: $84.99

Silent logger Parental Control Software Review

Silent Logger can intensively monitor what is going on with your children’s daily internet activities. It is a powerful tool to know what your children talk about on their social networking and Instant Messaging accounts and to check their web searches.

It has key stroke features that can also detect your children’s personal usernames and passwords. More of their features to aid you protect your children are:

  • It can monitor both sides of your children’s Instant Messages.
  • It has keystrokes feature that can detect the passwords and user IDs of your children and it can be send to your email instantly.
  • Silent logger can only allow you to monitor one computer. If you want to remotely monitor up to 3 computers you can upgrade the software to Silent Logger Plus.
  • It has screen capture features that silently records all your children’s computer activities.
  • It runs in total stealth mode.
  • It can filter websites that might contain malicious and unwanted materials.

Silent Logger can record everything that your children do. It has both key stroke and screen capture features that can help you accomplish this task. Key stroke feature records everything your children types.

A log data is sent to parents in text format. This can help parents know what their children are talking about on their social networking sites and Instant Messaging accounts. Parents will also know their children’s email contents. It will also be one vital tool to know their personal passwords and user names on various online accounts.

The screen capture feature can help parents monitor what websites their children visit. The software can filter certain sites that might contain malicious and violent contents. Although Silent Logger can filter websites it still does not have features to block such sites. So children may still do work around of using proxies or web links to check unwanted websites.

An email report with screenshots can be forwarded to parents. Remote monitoring is also achievable if you purchase the more advance version which is Silent Logger Plus. Silent Logger can only monitor one computer but if parents wish to monitor 2 more computers they can still upgrade to the advance version.

Silent Logger also runs in total stealth mode which will be hard for savvy children to detect. The only way you can modify the settings is by keying key combinations like Crtl +Shift + Up. It is password protected so only the admin user can access.

Silent Logger combines powerful features that can help any parent monitor their children. However, it is still not at par with other parental software that has predator watch, time limit controls, internet blocking and download blocking. We hope to see more of this feature on their future upgrades to further aid parents in their fight against rubbish and malicious websites.