Parental Control Feature Summary

  • Time Limit Controls: Yes
  • Internet Blocking: Yes
  • Web Filtering: Yes
  • Chat Monitoring: Yes
  • Activity Reports: Yes
  • Email Alerts: Yes
  • Remote Access: Yes
  • Download Blocking: No, just iTunes
  • Predator Alerts: No
  • Keystroke Logging: Yes
  • 100% Guarantee: Yes
  • Trial Download: No
  • Price: $49.95

SafeEyes Parental Control Software Review

SafeEyes is a parental control software program that can monitor your children’s internet activities. It can filter and block websites either with its 35 categories or parents can manually input their preferred sites to filter. It has keystroke logging features that can filter words and phrases during web searches. Plus, it can intelligently look up all confidential information such as your children’s name, address, phone numbers and emails that they might have posted on their social networking sites. More of these powerful features are:

  • It can be installed up to 3 computers and additional licenses are up for grab at a low cost.
  • Parents can choose what web site category contents to block.
  • It can restrict peer-to-peer sharing and installation of files.
  • It can give parents the authority to limit the time spent by their children in the computer.
  • It can record all internet activities of your children including their chat conversations, emails and all visited and researched sites they made.
  • It can notify parents either via email, SMS or can even call you if your children attempted and visited alerted sites.
  • Parents can remotely check their children’s computer and internet activities.
  • It can record Instant Messaging chat conversations on both sides.
  • It can block programs and email activities.
  • The software can check videos attached on emails and can even check videos that are uploaded on all social networking sites.

SafeEyes parental control software is best for parents who have more than 2 children and wants to customize each child’s internet access and time computer limits. The software can be customized as per web blocking, Instant Messaging, time limits, email blocking, usage reports, instant alerts, social networking and program blocking. Let us say, both your 8 yr old child and 16 yr old child cannot access blocked websites, cannot open instant messaging accounts, has usage reporting, and instant alerts feature. But their setting might differ when you allow your 16 yr old child to access more time on social networking sites and can access more windows program. This empowers parents to customize and adjust each family member’s individual needs.

One of SafeEyes’ proud feature is the way it can block certain sites. It has 35 web filtering categories that parents can choose from. If parents want to be more specific of certain sites to block, they can also choose to manually enter their own preferred sites. It has key logging feature that can also allow parents to enter their desired words or phrases to prohibit if incase their children uses them during web searches.

It cannot only block sites but it can also block certain applications from being used and can also refrain peer-to-peer sharing of files. It can hamper your children from engaging on social networking activities and conversing on their Instant Messaging accounts. It has powerful blocking system that can also block emails being sent and received.

YouTube is one phenomenal activity your children can also engage. It is by far addicting to upload videos and check out videos being posted. SafeEyes can intelligently analyze the videos and check its ratings; thus, can prevent your children from viewing them. It can also check all videos attached on emails of your children and videos that they upload on their blogs and social networking sites.

SafeEyes can also monitor and record all your children’s internet activities. It can check both sides of your children’s IM accounts, check what they say on their social networking sites and what are their email contents, records what applications they use and what files they have shared. It can even check if your children have posted confidential information such as their full names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses on their social networking sites.

Its reporting system is also reliable. It can immediately alert parents either through email and SMS if their children attempted and visited forbidden sites. Parents who might be out of reach can also be phoned by SafeEyes’ representatives. In addition, you can also remotely monitor your children’s activity through their web based user accounts. The recorded files and logs, in case you have not checked them for awhile, can still be backtracked up to 28 days. Thus, still giving full control for parents to know what their children have been doing.

However, there are still features that SafeEyes needs to improve on. We are yet waiting for them to gain access to predator watch. This is very vital to know if your child is conversing on any sex offenders around your place. This will help protect your children from engaging with such people. It also lacks features of blocking downloads which might also harm your computer if it does not have a strong anti-virus software. Nonetheless, SafeEyes is one important tool to help parents monitor and secure their children’s internet activities.