K9 Web Protection

Parental Control Feature Summary

  • Time Limit Controls: Yes
  • Internet Blocking: Yes
  • Web Filtering: Yes
  • Chat Monitoring: No
  • Activity Reports: Yes
  • Email Alerts: No
  • Remote Access: No
  • Download Blocking: No
  • Predator Alerts: No
  • Keystroke Logging: No
  • 100% Guarantee: NA
  • Trial Download: NA
  • Price: Free

K9 Web Protection Parental Control Software Review

K9 Web Protection is an easy to install parental software and by far the most efficient in storage. It does not eat up space like most parental control software does but rather it uses a web browser to launch and store its data. It also does not slow up your internet connection while efficiently monitoring your children’s computer activities. Things you might want to consider before buying the software are:

  • It has 69 categories to choose from to block websites.
  • It imposes your children to only use safe search engines like Yahoo, Google, Ask, A9, Altavista, Eathlink and Orange. Parents also have the option to block search engines which does not have Safe Search feature.
  • It is compatible with all most all popular anti-viruses and firewalls like Avast, Avira, McAfee and many more.
  • Parents can block any internet access at night with its NightGuard feature.
  • Log reports are detailed and organized by category searched, how many times it was searched and date and time. It also provides a general summary of all websites searched by your children and how many were blocked by the system.
  • It updates itself so you do not have to wait for the latest version that might cause delay in protecting your children from new unwanted websites.
  • It has Dynamic Real-Time Rating that categories new and unrated web site.
  • The software uses caching technology that will not slow down your computer when saving datum of your children’s internet activities.
  • It can block social networking sites, peer-to-peer sharing of files and block proxy sites which your savvy children might use an alternative to view unwanted websites.

There are millions of new websites that are emerging every minute. Most of the time contents of these sites are rubbish and contains malicious materials. Other parental software has a hard time catching up filtering and blocking these websites because they base it from URLs. K9 Web Protection can update new versions by itself so parents do not have to wait for the latest update to come. It has Dynamic Real-Time Rating that focuses on rating new web contents. Even if your children stumble upon 5 min old pornographic software the system can still detect it.

Parents can easily navigate the system to block unwanted sites. They can choose the default setting to block sites according to high, moderate or minimal level. They can also manually choose from 69 blocked categories. If parents have specific sites that they know, they can also manually input them. If in cases that parents know a site but do not know if it should be blocked, they can request a site review.

For tech savvy children, they might know different work around to bypass the system. Some might use proxies to check out prohibited sites. K9 Web Protection can still detect and block such sites. If in case parents want to use a certain proxy themselves, they can allow such site within a time limit of 15 to 30 min. Another work around that your children might use is using web links. K9 Web Protection still powerfully blocks access to these links.

K9 Web Protection has Force Safe Search feature that only allows your children to use web browsers such as Yahoo, Google, Ask, A9, Altavista, Earthlink and Orange. Web browsers without Safe Search features can be blocked by K9 Web Protection.

Parents have the option to choose what blocking effects their children can see. Let us say your child attempted to visit a pornographic site, K9 Web Protection can play a barking dog to warn your child that the site is prohibited. Another option is to show an admin box asking you for the password to continue viewing the site. K9 Web Protection is also so secure that no one can alter the administrative password.

Parents can also enforce time limits to block web access on certain times of the day or weeks. It also has NightGuard feature that can prohibit your children from using the internet on certain times of the night.

Overall, K9 Web Protection is one powerful web filtering solution for parents who want to monitor and protect their children from unwanted websites. However, there are still lacking features that other parental control software has. It still lacks features like chat monitoring which is the den of most sex predators to lure fresh victims. It also does not have predator watch, key logging feature and downloading blocking system. More of these features we hope to review in the future.