Email Notification Parental Control Software Alerts

The Importance of Email Alerts

Imagine you are busy at work. You have a mature and responsible college student babysitting your daughter, who is playing online games at a website that is approved for children, and not blocked by any web filtering or Internet blocking software. While she quietly plays, the babysitter catches up on her homework.

While you approved your daughter to have access to this website, as millions of other parents do, you weren't aware your daughter was able to chat with other game players. She has built up quite a list of online friends, and has over twenty other kids she can chat with while they play their games.

One of her new friends, Mary, has started to spend a lot of time with your daughter. In fact, it seems like Mary is always online playing games and can't wait for your daughter to sign on. When Mary asks her what school she goes to, your daughter is surprised they go to the same school, and they even live in the same neighborhood.

"We might be walking distance away." Mary tells your daughter. "Maybe our Moms can let us play together. What street do you live on?"

Innocently, your daughter types in your address: 514 West Benton Rd. Mary tells your daughter she doesn't know where that is, and they go back to playing their game. Mary signs off when the game is finished, but agrees to meet your daughter to play again tomorrow.

That seems to be a good time for them to meet on a regular basis because you're not home and the babysitter isn't watching over your daughter's shoulder.

Incoming Email Alert

At work, you are busy updating project management software with a task you have been assigned. Your inbox receives an email alert that your daughter has done something on the computer you should know about.

Depending on the parental control software application you are using, you may also have chat monitoring installed. Not only do you know that your daughter gave our your home address, and right under the babysitters nose, you can see the entire conversation between your daughter and Mary.

When you go home, you discover your daughter has given out other information to Mary over the last few weeks. Things like when you get home, the town you live in, what she looks like, that you are divorced, and how many brothers and sisters she has. Mary seems to know a lot about your daughter and your family.

How Does the Story End?

Maybe Mary is a just a curious friend who does go to the same school as your daughter. Maybe is something else. The important point is that you have been alerted of a potentially dangerous situation, and you have the ability to step in and find out what what your daughter has been doing on the computer.

Email Alert Software Does More than Protect Children

Your daughter could have been your son, or an older kid. The concept of email alerts is an important characteristic of parental control software. Most applications come preloaded with recommended keywords by age, which could include drugs, steal, sex, porn, and thousands more.

Additionally, the software allows you to add your own keywords, which may include anything you think is relevant to protecting your children from a potentially bad decision. Being informed allows to the opportunity to take action, and that is the best value of having email alert software.