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Parental Control Feature Summary

  • Time Limit Controls: Yes
  • Internet Blocking: Yes
  • Web Filtering: Yes
  • Chat Monitoring: Yes
  • Activity Reports: Yes
  • Email Alerts: No
  • Remote Access: No
  • Download Blocking: No
  • Predator Alerts: No
  • Keystroke Loggin: No
  • 100% Guarantee: No
  • Trial Download: No
  • Price: $24.95 for one computer

CYBERsitter Parental Control Software Review

CyberSitter can be best suited for parents who would like to monitor Internet surfing for very young kids. It’s intended for strict blocking and filtering websites and emails without going overboard. It can be of great help to do the following:

  • Customize filtering and blocking of websites, instant messaging softwares and email accounts.
  • Monitor you’re your kids surfing habits discretely.
  • It can scan your kid’s hard drive and ensure offensive files are to be guarded.
  • Monitor both sides of your kids Instant Messaging conversations from popular sites such as YM, MSM and Windows Messenger
  • Can send email reports or your kid’s computer activities.
  • Limit internet access usage.

CyberSitter has advanced features that other parental control software might not have. Aside from the fact that it has 30 filter categories you can choose from to block and filter websites. It can also give you sole power to refrain your children from accessing chat rooms. Not only that, it gives you authority to block your children from participating in vast growing Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.

When children attempts to view a site that you have blocked the software will show the site as blank or “Page Not Found”. This way, they will not know that you have actually blocked those sites. Filtering process on the other hand might be tricky. You need to turn on the Default to Active Filtering Mode first before the software runs smoothly.

With CyberSitter you have the option to create time limit spent by your children in the Internet. You can control the time and the days your children can access the net. This is also vital if you are not always around to supervise them.

Email Reports

With Cybersitter you can also set it to send you regular email reports of your children’s daily computer activities. It can be as detailed as reporting all visited sites including attempted sites that they have made. Reports include IM conversations from both sides. However, it does not include remote access feature. The only way to check your children’s progress is with the same computer being monitored.

Cybersitter can also scan your computer’s hard drive from any offensive and suspicious files. The ability to detect spying software that might have been installed can also be assessed.

The best feature of Cybersitter by far is its 30 filter category that you can choose from. This can save parents amount of time setting up sites that needs to be filtered and blocked. Keylogging feature has yet to be improved as well as its feature to do web browser remote monitoring. Other than that,

Cyber Sitter is best for parents who want to supervise their children who are yet novice in the internet world.